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Native and Water-Wise Plants

We are in the midst of a revolution! Through necessity we have all started to embrace the wonderful benefits of using drought-tolerant plants in our landscapes. Less water, less maintenance, just as beautiful!! Instead of focusing entirely on California natives, we have brought together an awe-inspiring blend of water-wise plants from around the world. Plants from California, Australia, South Africa, and the Mediterranean are all found at Deep Roots Garden Center. You’ll be amazed at the difference these plants can make in your garden! Being perfectly suited to our climate, they will thrive with less water and less work and will make you happy. Why struggle with plants that just don’t like it here? Native and Water-Wise are the logical choice and we have the varieties to make any garden look great year-round!

What Are Native Plants?

A plant found growing and reproducing naturally in a region over a very long period of time (and prior to any human interference) is native to that particular area. Native plants are adapted to difficult growing conditions, and when well-matched to their growing environment, their use will create a more sustainable landscape that requires less maintenance. These once-forgotten beauties are beginning to find their rightful home in our gardens and landscapes.

What are Water-Wise Plants?

Water Wise refers to designing and implementing a landscape that conserves water. The term ‘xeriscape’ means the same thing. Neither term means gardening specifically with native plants, but may also include non-native plants that are adapted to dry conditions. Here in Southern California we have a wide variety of beautiful native species that can be planted side by side with plants and flowers from similar climatic regions such as the Mediterranean, South Africa

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Jon has spent his entire professional career in the nursery industry, with nearly 19 years of experience. Working under Bob Brock while in High School, Jon grew through the ranks, ultimately purchasing Deep Roots Nursery...
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We are situated at the corner of North Sepulveda Blvd and 2nd Street in Manhattan Beach.
207 N Sepulveda Blvd,
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
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